Bullet Hit Skull Wallpaper Hd 1

Bullet Hit Skull Wallpaper Hd

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One thought on “Bullet Hit Skull Wallpaper Hd

  • Aazu

    This looks very promising! I have had the same ideas and acltlauy built an implementation of this for a client, but without the automatic generation of the classes. I was acltlauy checking out how to do this, but it seems that it is already done. Great work!In our code we have a Factory that delivers a hand-written class which is typesafe for the item’s template. Like:var item = TemplateFactory.GetTemplate(Sitecore.Context.Item);litTitle.Text = item.Title;Not too much work, but automatically generating these classes is wonderful.BTW. You forgot to mention how useful this is in databinding contexts:Cheers, Matthijs