Ktm 525 Exc Racing 1024 X 768 Wallpaper

Ktm 525 Exc Racing 1024 X 768 Wallpaper

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  • Hiromi

    I say the Suzuki will be the one to beat for 2009. Bang for the dollar the euro bikes won’t be able to touch it, conbimed with the reputation of having the strongest motor in both HP and Torque for a 4 cylinder, I say watch out for 2009 now that they have even more torque and hp conbimed with lighter weight bringing it back down in size more like the last generation, a new monster is born. I like the new look personally, should be a big seller, again. Those of you who poo hoo those euro twins when looking at hp, beware, if you were to actually ride one you may revise your thinking. The Sport twins have ways of converting your thinking quickly with power all in the range where you want it for real world riding, right from the bottom at 3000 rpm on up to 9000 rpm. The Japanese fours still have to revved more, but deliver their power quickly as the revs rise. Most of those calamari out their riding never use the real power of a big 4 cylinder, while if they ride a big Twin, they actually might. Plus, oh the sound of a Big Twin with carbon pipes, ahhhhh, music. Now at the race track when a 4 cyl. is going by at 150 mph at full wail, then the 4 s sound better compared to twins, but around town and in the canyons where most people ride, nothing like the sound of a 90 degree big sport twin coming down the road!! The great news is their all incredible!!! Now their I go off on a tangent over sound. Bottom line, a GSXR, R-1, ZX-10R, or CBR will always offer more for the dollar, but their will always be those who appreciate something different. Personally my fantasy, have Honda bring back a next generation RC-51 with a 1200cc V-Twin Fi 90 degree with let’s say 180 hp, yeah, that will do for me!