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One thought on “The Other Boleyn Girl Press Conference With Natalie Portman Scarlett Johansson And Eric Bana

  • Kiko

    I dunno.. Jersey and Russian are pretty dieefrfnt. I just think since Rourke was doing a heavy russian accent it would have been too much for them both to have the same, thick accent. Which is a shame, because it feels like they’ve taken away from her character.lol, can you tell I’m a Black Widow fangirl?It just sucks that there really aren’t any good female super heroes. Except in X-Men. But there really aren’t any good, female super heroes, and if they are, they’re done in a really wrong, weird way. Catwoman.. Elektra.. ._. It’s just a shame, because there are some really awesome comic book woman, and they never get their due! And now I feel like this is Black Widow taking a back seat to another character. Maybe I’m over thinking it, and I sound a lot more upset then I actually am, but it still sucks. I just feel like they’re making her less cool by not giving her her accent.