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    Even though this is not aclualty a movie, it’s still extremely hilarious. It’s a gameshow called “101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow” (the title is a bit weird at first though) where eight contestants (late teens or adults, though I would like a early teens or children’s special though) have to answer one question on each round. But there’s a twist, there will be a certain amount of answers depending on how many contestants are in that round and all of the answers apart from one will be correct. They must avoid the wrong answer and they how to choose an answer different from everybody else’s. The contestant with the wrong answer exits the show in a crazy, yet funny way, such as falling through a trapdoor or being tipped off a chair into a swimming pool. The contestant who is left in the game by the end of the show (so far, it’s been Matt, Lucy and Sally) wins c2a310,000 (it’s a British programme though I think there may be an American version). My favourite exit is “The Drag” and I give the programme five stars. The exit that I would like MacKenzie Hollister to exit by (if she was on the programme) would be the “Emergency Exit”, I would absolutely LOVE to see her getting covered in spaghetti and gunge!